Month: January 2016

Today’s Monday Theme: The Waiting Game

Welcome back to Monday! Today’s theme seems to revolve around waiting. It seems that I am constantly waiting on my agent to get back with me or editors to get back with her. I’m not talking a couple days…more like a couple months! A whole year can go by in the publishing world, and you wonder if anything really happened with your book.  Leslie Helakoski knows exactly what I’m talking about. She is the talented picture book author of titles, Big Chickens and Woolbur, just to name two. Even with the success of her books, she still has to wait around for industry professionals. What does she do in the mean time? She stops by my website for today’s Monday Meet-Up! Check out her interview where she discusses the waiting game and offers lots of advice for your writing. Click on the above link, Monday Meet-Ups, for her interview and a host of others. As always, I’d love to hear from...

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It’s Monday again!

I hope I’m not the only person around here who gets excited about Mondays! Today’s Monday Meet-Up is with none other than Shutta Crum! She is such a multi-versatile author, writing award-winning books from picture books up to middle grade and fantasy. She has written so many fantastic books, I didn’t know which covers to choose for the interview! Please make sure to stop by her website. I am sure you will find books for the whole family. And now without further ado… Click on the Monday Meet-Up tab and read some excellent advice on writing and...

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It’s the New Year! Time for Dreams to Come True!

It is now 2016, and already the new year has started off with a bang! To start with, I was offered my first publishing contract! Just like all of you, I love writing, and I have been actively writing and pursuing publication for 11 years. It got discouraging at times (those rejections can be hard), but this past fall, I felt compelled to take a break from writing novels and focus on a nonfiction book idea that had been going through my mind. That idea led to a proposal, which led to a book contract! I am signed with CrossLink Publishing, an independent Christian publisher, and they seem just as excited about my book as I am about being signed with them! I will keep you all up-to-date as details emerge, until then let’s all happy dance!  In other good news, today’s author interview is with another debut author who also signed her first book deal! Her book, being published by Discovery House, is also a dream come true for her. The new book doesn’t come out until next year, but Kate Motaung has an e-book that seriously touched my life in a profound way. Her e-book, Letters to Grief, will help anyone who struggles with the pain and heartache of losing a loved one. I invite you to click on the Monday Meet-Up tab and “meet” Kate. She...

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