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And…We’re Back!!

Hi friends! I’m back and ready to reach out to all of you! The last two months, I have been working with Fistbump Media to produce an exceptional, high-quality website (they did most of the work; actually they pretty much did 99% of the work). But the website is up and active, and I absolutely love it! Thanks to Susan and Dan! Anyway, I’ve got some FANTASTIC news since the website was being reworked. My book cover was revealed! No Longer Rejected is inching closer to it’s publication date, and I hope that you all will buy it and share it once you’re done reading it! Check out the BOOK tab, which will fill you in on the cover and the book’s content. Lastly, Monday meet-ups are not going away. I’ve got a few already lined up. Monday meet-ups will continue to offer writing wisdom and tips-of-the-trade for those of us with a passion for writing. I’d love to hear from you! Sending big hugs across the internet! (Did you feel it? Because I sent one right to you!)...

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Monday Meet-Up – Picture book author, Nancy Shaw

Monday Meet-Up for Monday, March 28, 2016 Picture book author, Nancy Shaw Visit her webpage: Interview: 1.      Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an author? My family didn’t get a TV until I was 10 years old, and I think that was a great blessing. Without TV we had become avid readers and big library users, and that background helped me have, at some level, a feeling for how stories work. We played word games, which were great training for rhymes. I was also interested in the look of books from an early age. My father was in printing and design, and my grandfather was a printmaker, painter, and printing-firm art director. When I got a part-time library job in college shelving children’s books, my interest was rekindled, and I started trying to write my own. It took a long time for that to lead to publication, though.Sometimes circumstances come together to pull something out of you. A trip to Dayton, Ohio, on an uninspiring stretch of expressway did it for me. I was reading picture books to my kids in the back seat, and one of the books was full of animal rhymes. We finished the books, and I tried making up some rhymes of my own. Watching the miles go by is conducive to playing with ideas. When I put together the...

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Monday Meet-Up – Literary agent, Kirsten Carleton

Monday Meet-Up for LEAP DAY: February 29, 2016 Literary agent, Kirsten Carleton  Prospect Agency 1.      Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an agent?  I’ve been wanting to be in publishing in some capacity ever since I decided to be a writer in 7th grade. As a result, I took lots of workshop classes, and eventually realized that what I really loved doing was giving feedback to writers and helping them uncover their stories from the outside. By the time I graduated from Amherst College and the Columbia Publishing Course, I knew agenting was where I wanted to be – I get to be in the writer’s corner in a way that nobody else does, advocating for them with no conflicts of interest, supporting their careers in a holistic way. I started as an assistant at Sobel Weber Associates, then eventually moved to Waxman Leavell Literary before finding a home at Prospect Agency, where I rep YA and adult fiction across speculative, thriller, and literary genres. 2.      What do you wish aspiring authors knew about the book industry? Most aspiring writers I talk to know quite a bit about publishing! They do research by reading blogs like these, follow industry professionals on social media, keep on top of current news and trends, etc. Those that don’t may not realize how important all that is. Gone...

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Monday Meet-Up – Children’s book author, Monica A. Harris

Monday Meet-Up for February 15, 2016 Children’s book author, Monica A. Harris Website: Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an author? Hmmm….how much do you want to know? (insert wicked laugh here)  My educational background is in Medical Technology with a Masters in Physiology Education. Now before you get all impressed or anything, let me ‘decode’ what that means….I’m an overqualified science teacher. When my husband’s job kept moving us overseas and I could no longer teach in the schools, I decided to pursue my childhood dream of writing children books.  It was a bumpy process but thanks to SCBWI (Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators), I learned quickly about the process of submitting manuscripts, the importance of networking, and the undeniable ‘put your butt back in the chair’ that’s necessary after an editorial rejection letter. My first publishing successes came in educational magazines. My “fancy degrees” came in handy understanding the needs of teachers – lesson plans, teaching objectives, and cross-curriculum teaching styles. From there, various editors contacted me to do work-for-hire nonfiction books (Heinemann publishing and Publications International). My first picture book, Wake the Dead, came about after a trip to the Bologna Book Fair (I was living in Germany at the time).  I walked around the massive show room of book publishers and just happened to chat with an...

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Monday Meet-Up – Brianna Dumont

Monday Meet-Up for February 8, 2016 The lovely, talented Brianna Dumont author of Famous Phonies and Fantastic Fugitives 1.      Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an author? Hi, all! My name is Brianna DuMont and I currently live in Chicago with my husband and four-month old daughter. I started writing after I graduated college during the “Great Recession” and couldn’t find a job in my field: Art History and Classics. Go figure. Since I loved history, I wanted to write it, and I’ve always been drawn more to middle grade and YA books in my personal reading. This was four years ago, pre-baby. I decided then was the time to pursue the dream of writing I’d had since I was a bookworm kid myself. A week after I queried my first agent, I was signed. Then came the hard part—finding an editor, which took almost two years. It was all worth it. 2.      What do you wish aspiring authors knew about the book industry? (Maybe things you wish you had known, or things you had learned the hard way…) The book industry is tough. It takes the patience of a rock and probably the skin of one, too. Rejection is just the name of the game. But great stories WILL get picked up. Persevere. I wish I’d known that sometimes getting the agent is the hard...

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Monday Meet-Up – Carrie Pearson

Monday Meet-Up for February 1, 2016 Picture book writer and SCBWI co-chair, Carrie Pearson! Carrie is the author of A Warm Winter Tail and A Cool Summer Tail Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an author? Thanks, Janice, for the invitation to be part of your blog. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the part that looks like a wolf head and that is sometimes left off maps of Michigan) on the amazing Lake Superior. I am Mom to three young adult ladies who leave me speechless with equal measures of joy and “you’re kidding me, right?” I am a happy wife, outdoor enthusiast, SCBWI zealot, and lover of all things children’s literature. I became an author through sheer stubbornness. It started with a month-long expedition to Arizona with my children in a small motor home. After they went to bed, I cleaned the three dishes and three forks, and wrote about what we experienced each day. I wrote stories about sheep who didn’t want to be sheared, fish who wanted to escape the hatchery, and ancient Native American ruins. They liked the stories and when we re-entered regular society, I kept writing and reading and relied on my BA in early childhood education to incorporate developmental aspects in my stories. In 2005, I joined SCBWI. In 2009, I got serious. In...

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