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Note to self:

Sometimes life doesn’t always follow our plans. Okay, most of the time. I was reminded of this again a couple days ago when my expectations were not met. On the contrary, the results were an absolute disappointment, and I felt anger toward myself–for getting my hopes up–and even at God for allowing the situation to fall through my fingertips.

What happens when things don’t go our way?


*Possible frustration

*Maybe despair

*A desire to give up

It’s hard to handle the mixed emotions when our plans fall through, but it’s even more difficult when our eyes are off of God. When we are so consumed with the situation and our expected result, we may take our eyes off the one who sees the end from the beginning. The one who knows that our expectations are not what’s best for us. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. His ways are not our ways. So, do we trust Him?

Trusting God means that life isn’t necessarily going to go our way, but we know who is guiding us. So, encourage yourself in the Lord, and keep pressing on.

God bless!