The Anointed Heir is the third, and final, installment of the David series.

King Saul is dead, but David’s journey to the throne isn’t over yet. 

Upon news of King Saul’s death, David rushes back to Israel, back to his home, and back to his wife, Michal. Unfortunately, Abner, the commander of Israel’s army, is waiting for him, along with Israel’s troops. David cannot enter. Israel is rallying behind King Saul’s only surviving son: Ishbosheth. The message is clear. David and his men are not wanted.

Michal hears the news of David’s attempt to return, but she struggles with the decisions David has made while gone. The hurt and anger run deeply in her veins, but her heart betrays her in loving him nonetheless. Is a life with David what is truly best for her, or should she stay and make a home with Paltiel? Soon she realizes, she doesn’t have a choice. She is still a pawn in a dangerous, political game.

Finding sanctuary in Hebron, David tries to build a kingdom in Judah, but death, betrayal, and heartache await.


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