I am so excited to announce that my newest inspirational nonfiction book, WORLDLY CULTURE IN A HOLY CHURCH, is available pre-order now!

You can pre-order the e-book at Amazon, or you can order a hard copy through the publisher’s website:


Here is the back cover blurb:

Two Cultures. One God. 

Who Do You Serve? 

Today’s church is struggling. We attend services on Sunday and live our busy lives the rest of the week. We praise God with our words, yet our hearts are far from him. Unfortunately, it shows in our strained relationship with Jesus and with others. 

Jealousy. Vanity. Pride. Gluttony. Exclusion. Criticalness. Gossip. The church has become so blessed and accustomed to the good life that our fervor for the things of God has diminished, and we have let sin slip into our lives and onto our church pews. 

In Worldly Culture in a Holy Church, author Janice Broyles highlights nine sins infiltrating our churches and how the body of believers can be free of them.