Do you have a manuscript that needs editing?

I am a professional, highly qualified editor.


Whether it’s an essay, short story, picture book, full-length manuscript, nonfiction book proposal, or even a dissertation, I’m the editor you’ve been looking for!

Why should you choose me?

  1. I have taught and reviewed writing for over fifteen years.
  2. I am an experienced writer myself. I have written both fiction and nonfiction.
  3. I have professional writing contacts–agents, editors, and successful authors–who keep me up-to-date on the newest guidelines, along with what’s hot in the marketplace.
  4. I am affordable. I’ve been in your shoes and have spent several hundred dollars on editing services. My goal is to offer lower rates than the average freelance editor.
  5. I offer several types of editing services:
    1. Copy-edits
    2. Macro-editing (Big Picture Items)
    3. Chapter-by-chapter break down
    4. Micro-editing (line edits)
  6. The more you use my editing service, the less it costs you! Discounts apply.
  7. Part of the editing service is not only typed-out notes and suggestions, but I also set up a phone consultation with you to discuss in detail the editing suggestions.

What do others have to say about my editing?

“Janice Broyles edited several of my writing pieces. She was very thorough and helped me revise my work to capture exactly what I wanted. Her help was just what I needed and I can’t thank her enough!”  ~Destiny F.  Ann Arbor, MI


Contact me! I would love to discuss my editing services in great detail with you.