My first book is set to be released JULY 25, 2016! 

Title: No Longer Rejected: A Woman’s Journey from Rejection to Freedom

Publisher: CrossLink Publishing (a traditional, trade publisher)

Look for my sample cover SOON! 

Pre-orders will be available!


Here is a sampling of other published work:

  • My short story won first place in a fiction writing contest. Click on the link(s) here to read my winning piece: A Gift For Molly
  • The SCBWI Mitten: (This article is copied with permission from SCBWI-Michigan’s The Mitten publication -published Fall 2009 issue)


By Janice Broyles

That ol’ feisty devil has to be around here somewhere. I’ve searched under my bed; that’s one of his favorite spots. He and the dust bunnies must have secret flings. I’ve searched my briefcase, packed with student essays and lesson plans. He has been found napping in there a time or two. I’ve emptied out the cluttered file cabinet with my folders of writing pieces and rejection letters. He’s attended a few funerals in there. I’m perplexed. He’s not in his usual places, and I’m a lost puppy without him.Sure, he’s a bit bossy. He’ll keep hounding me with an idea until I’ve jotted it down. And sometimes, he won’t let me get some shut-eye until I’ve finished with at least one more chapter. He’s a bit untamed, that’s true. But he has the ability to unlock the treasure chests of my imagination. And his temper? Phew! Don’t get me started. Still, he takes me on an emotional rollercoaster, and the finished outcome is always a work of art.

Without him, my writing is in shambles. It’s actually nonexistent. There may have been a time or turn where I ignored him. But somebody had to do the dishes! He tugged at me a few days ago, but hey, “The Bachelor” was on the screen! He even woke me up a while back with an intriguing idea, but sleep is quite the seducer.

Now…all is quiet. I sit with my notebook open, a pen in hand. Nothing. I go back to reread past work, but it filters out my brain like water through a strainer. I walk through my library and run my hand across the cover of picture book after picture book. Yet nothing jars him. I purchase the latest young adult bestseller, but it sits untouched.

Wait a second…what was that? Shhh, quiet.

There it was again! Did you feel that? It’s that tug of inspiration. Oh my goodness, I was getting rather desperate. This time, I turn off the television, and I listen. Hee, hee, that’s funny. He’s telling me a rather humorous anecdote. It might make a great article. Hee, hee, hee, oh my. Yes. I think I’ve found him. And now it’s time to get busy.

Janice Broyles found her muse.


Other published pieces


Completed works

represented by literary agent, Carrie Pestritto (Prospect Agency):

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