Today is the last day of February, but don’t despair! Go to my Monday Meet-Up tab to meet today’s interview, literary agent, Kirsten Carleton. She works at Prospect Agency, and she is on the look-out for talented writers! 

Also, it is still the month of February Freebies. This week, I am giving away Donald Maass’s book, Writing the Breakout Novel. This book really helped me when I first started writing, and I hope it will help one of you, as well. As always, leave a comment below, and you will be automatically registered to win it!

Last week’s winners are: 

Tammy Kangas: she wins On Writing Well, by William Zinsser. 

DeAnna Goodwin: she wins Wake the Dead, by Monica Harris. 

Congrats, ladies! Send me your addresses (privately), and I will get these out to you!

Also, I have a subscription form now! I feel so official. I will be starting a Writing TidBit newletter. Interested in reading it? Fill out the subscription info and you’ll get updates on Monday Meet-Ups and the newsletter! Hooray!

Not that’s what I call a happy LEAP day!