Monday Meet-up for November 9, 2015:

Agent, Linda Glaz

from Hartline Literary Agency


1.      Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you became an agent?
How different is being an agent to your writing life?
–My own agent said he liked how I looked at projects. I started as his assistant and when an
opening came along, the boss took a chance with me. I’d been a reviewer for a romance site and
a final proofreader for a publisher.

–Well, the clients have to come first, but I work 12-14 hours a day, so I have some of that
set aside for my own work.
2.      What do you wish aspiring authors knew about the book industry?
–That it isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes time to really learn the craft,
build a strong platform (yes, it’s very important), and utilize critique partners.
They are gold in your writing journey.
3.      What makes a novel (or query) really stand out from the others in the pile?
–Being done very professionally. That means reading it over and over to
spot errors, and then read it out loud to yourself. Use standard formatting.
Always know what an agency or agent wants to see by going to their site and
putting your proposal together exactly as they request.
4.      Is having an agent important?
–Well, they definitely can open doors that a writer can’t open for themselves.
Also, they can work with the writer to get their proposals/novels in the best
possible shape and up to the industry standard.
5.      Anything you’d love to see from your slush pile?
—Suspense or romantic suspense are always my favorite reads, but I have
to admit to loving historic romance very much. 
–I tend to like stories that stretch both the reader and the author. People tend to
use the term edgy, but it’s more than that. It’s a story that grabs me by page
one. And if you have me by the first line, that’s always a good sign I’ll keep
reading. I’ve had folks tell me, “Keep reading. It gets really good by the
5th chapter.” Trust me, I’ve stopped long before then if I’m not invested in
the story. 
6.     Any last tips or advice? 
–Just never give up. Contracts don’t always go to the best writers. Wonderful
writers often die with the next best American novel tucked in a drawer somewhere
because he or she didn’t have what it took to stick with it. Persevere. I waited
18 years for my first novella contract (I had NOT been taking my own advice
honing my craft, etc.) And now I have 2 novellas and 7 novels, one due to release
this December. So never, ever, not ever. No, never…give up.
Thank you so much, Linda! 
Check out Hartline Literary’s website for more details on what Linda and other agents are looking for!
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