It’s a new year, and there are some great things happening. Several of my books are hitting the shelves in 2021!! God is so good, and I am SO excited!

Here’s what books to expect (some dates still pending):

THE ROAD BACK HOME FROM HERE (publisher: Illuminate YA)

BROKEN: HANNAH’S STORY (publisher: Late November Literary): This is the SECOND book in the BROKEN series. Find the first book here:


THE ANNOINTED HEIR (publisher: Late November Literary): This is the THIRD and final installment in the David and Michal series! Find the first books here:

EXPECTING GREATER (publisher: Late November Literary): This is an inspirational nonfiction book that highlights what God desires from us and how to align our desires with His.

And I’m thankful for 2020. I was able to release a few books, and I’m so grateful (two were written under a pen name: Shay Lee Giertz).