As we enter into holy week (from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday), I find myself desiring to strengthen my relationship with my Savior. I’m a lot like most of you in that I’m busy. Life is hectic. There is my college teaching job, and then my writing. Two full-time careers with a family and church obligations, and well, life. I love the Lord and try to spend as much time growing in Him as possible, but I’ve noticed that He’s the first to get set aside when something comes up. If I’ve got a lot to do, my morning prayer time takes a hit. “Oh, it’ll be fine,” I tell myself. “I’ll pray in the car.” Or, I’m too tired at night to read my devotional, so I set it aside and play a game on phone. “God understands. He knows how exhausted I am.”

Of course God understands, but eventually less time with Him will lead to a gradual distancing that we never intended. Soon, we’re operating in the flesh. We may find we’re quicker to lose our temper, or the words may fly out of our mouths that purposefully hurt someone else, or we snap at our kids and spouse. Less time with God means we’re spending more time feeding our flesh. And that’s never worked out for me. How about you?

So, this week I’m making a decision: God first. Starting right now. No more setting aside my relationship with Him for the here and now. This doesn’t mean I neglect my family or obligations at work, but it does mean that time with Him is my priority. The day can wait a few more minutes while I meditate and pray in the morning. The game on my phone isn’t going anywhere. It can wait while I dive into the Word and write in my prayer journal.

I challenge you to prioritize God in your life. Make Him first above all else. Let’s grow in Him together.

Have a blessed holy week,