Broken: Macy’s Story

Macy's past won't let her forget.

Tired of being the pastor’s daughter who never measures up, Macy Elmsworth finds herself estranged from her family and in trouble with the law. Given her past, is restoration possible?

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About the Book

Macy Elmsworth has found herself in a mess. The 18 year old pastor’s daughter got in trouble with the law, nearly died, and in the process, damaged her relationship with her family. She now needs to fulfill community service hours. As a last resort, she moves in with her grandparents, where they need a housekeeper at the small motel they own.

Feeling broken and defeated, Macy counts down the days her community service hours are over. Until she meets others at the motel. People a lot like her. People with questionable pasts and bleak futures. As friendships are forged, Macy begins to come out of her shell and help her new friends. It is through these new relationships that she begins to repair the broken relationship with her family. But her past isn’t about to go away, and Macy is going to have to turn to God for the complete restoration she needs.

Publisher: Late November Literary
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781734100846
List Price: 14.95
eBook Price: 2.99
"I fell in love with Macy and everyone at the Manistee Forest Motel!"
– Rachel Anderson, author of The Puppy Predicament
"The author, Janice Broyles, is a masterful storyteller..."
– Erin Fanning, award-winning author
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