“Thank you for your service.”

Have you ever contemplated what that means?

Serve, servant, service, all come from the Latin word, servus, which means “a slave.” (from www.edenics.net)   Even though the word has evolved into more than just that connotation, it makes me wonder the true depth and sacrifice of service.

To serve means that there must be some giving of yourself. It’s hard to be selfish when you’re serving. The very act of service is to put someone else’s needs before your own.

After observing a Veteran’s Day presentation yesterday, my heart was overwhelmed at the men and women who give up so much to serve so many. I thought it about it the whole way home and through the night. In what ways do I serve? How do I give of myself to help others? This was and is the very heart of our Savior. His service to us provided a ransom that we could never pay back.

In a society that focuses on “selfies” and hedonistic pleasures, let me encourage you today to serve.

*Serve your family.

*Serve your church.

*Serve your neighbors.

If all of us adopted this mentality, what an impact we would make.